With 63% of settlements attributed to referrals at Living Choice Fullarton, and 56% at Living Choice Woodcroft, the annual South Australian Gala Reward Event is one of the most important functions on our marketing calendar.

Every successful referrer was included in the annual SA draw, held at Fullarton on Thursday 13th July, to win a $5,000 travel voucher. It was a fantastic event, expertly organised by Resident Ambassador Chris Murray and her small group of helpers from both Fullarton and Woodcroft.

Each referrer’s name was included on a raffle board and Resident Chairmen, John Hughes (Fullarton) and Doug Tilley (Woodcroft) provided lots of drama, tension and laughter as each name was drawn out of a silver cup and removed from the raffle board.

The ‘last man’ standing was Chris Dibden who referred his friend, Rainer Schwind to the village in late 2016. Chris said he was thrilled to win the voucher and would be using it to visit New Zealand, where his daughters live, as well as Fiji. There was also a small consolation prize of a $100 Wish Gift Card for the second-placed winner, Jane Allen, who referred her mum, Maureen.

Chris said he heard about the village through his good friend, Jill Argent, a resident at Living Choice Fullarton, and attended an IAF event at the village in October 2016. He met resident Sandra Maynard and mentioned that Rainer was looking for a suitable village. Sandra convinced him to bring his friend for a visit the following day and Rainer moved into his apartment in November 2016 – a happy outcome for Rainer and now Chris!

Living Choice director, Graham Hobbs, took the opportunity to thank the many Resident Ambassadors at both villages for their support throughout the year. A big thank-you to Patsy Trevor for the fantastic musical entertainment.

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