Thank you to those residents that offer testimonials about their experience living at Living Choice Woodcroft retirement village. We value what our residents have to say, and the Living Choice team work hard to ensure that we are exceeding resident expectations.

Here are some of the testimonials we have received:

Not just a place to live

After moving here over four years ago from a local neighbourhood, it wasn’t long before we felt a real feeling of belonging which we have now come to believe is unique to village life. We soon felt part of a very friendly and welcoming community. Being in a gated community has also provided us a with a sense of safety and security which is very important to us.

We really enjoy the social activities organised by our committee which are second to none, with a high standard of entertainment frequently brought in from outside the village. One event we especially enjoy is the Friday night Happy Hour, mixing with our many friends.

The staff members are extremely friendly and helpful, and always available if we need assistance.

Above all, it’s the residents who make this a village, and not just a place to live. We feel privileged to be a part of the Living Choice family.

Des & Chris Hicks

A new adventure

Charlie and I decided to end one chapter of our lives and begin a new one (retirement) at Living Choice Woodcroft where we live in an independent living villa. Who said that living in a retirement village is boring – well tell them to come here and check it out! We are both ambassadors and we love welcoming visitors and showing them the villas, apartments and leisure centre.

Our lifestyle has changed completely. We play carpet bowls, cards, bingo, go to Happy Hour every Friday night and enjoy events put on by the Social Club, such as Saturday evenings with music and dancing, Melbourne Cup lunch and Mother’s Day & Father’s Day lunches. You can have a game of table tennis, billiards, darts, cards, meet up in the Men’s Shed or just have a coffee in the centre. Moving into Living Choice Woodcroft wasn’t the end of our career but a new adventure.

Bernadette & Charlie Chetcuti

Like winning the lottery

After having been at Living Choice Woodcroft for eight months my wife Ivana and I are starting to appreciate what a great place this is to live. The facilities are second to none and there is something for everyone. The gym, pool, cinema and the huge auditorium provide space for a wide variety of activities. Alternatively, you can relax in your own beautiful home.

It’s a pretty place to show friends around and they comment about how friendly the people are. The wave from passing drivers reminds me of living in a country town. And it’s the people that really make the village what it is. There is a group of busy beavers who work tirelessly organising and preparing a constant series of events.

We feel that Living Choice was also a “Wise Choice’, and that living here is like winning the lottery!

George and Ivana Reid


The best retirement choice

Our decision to downsize to this retirement village has been a perfect one for us. We have called Living Choice Woodcroft home for just over five months now, with its lovely location, quality homes and the friendliest neighbours. We cannot believe how lucky we are to be a part of this great community.

Here we have a resort lifestyle with great amenities and facilities for our enjoyment. It’s like being on holiday every day.

Such a major change in our lives would not have been possible without the very generous assistance of the fantastic staff at Woodcroft.  The fine folk of Living Choice Management have provided outstanding support which is unfailingly prompt and courteous and we could not have made the move without them. Sales Manager Katherine Stacey, Village Manager Gail Pounsett and her excellent office workers Katerina, Mel and Brooke with handyman Stuart and gardener Nate completing the team, it seems nothing is too difficult for these friendly, helpful people.

Every member of this hard working professional group have our sincere gratitude for streamlining our relocation. We have been made to feel very welcome here at Living Choice Woodcroft and look forward to many happy years enjoying our new home.

Colin and Gail Brimson

Social functions at our own venue

What an exciting time for the social club and its many members who have waited so long for this wonderful facility, which we can use for our many functions that we have planned for the coming years. It will give us scope to hold many of these functions within our own village and make it easier for our elderly residents not to have to travel.

We have at least 30 new suggestions to implement in the coming year!

Judy Tilley – Chairperson,
Living Choice Woodcroft Social Committee

A great place to meet and greet

The new Leisure Centre in our village at Living Choice Woodcroft is fantastic! We have been here 15 months now, and to have this facility to use is wonderful. It will give us a great opportunity to meet and greet new residents, and to take advantage of the facilities and services available.

It’s such a modern facility that we can’t wait to use it. It certainly made our moving into the village worthwhile.

Eric Schmidt

We have a great social life

Bernadette and I have been living at the village since 2005. We found our lives have changed for the best – we have lots of things to do, for example art, craft, Happy Hour, coffee, chats and a Social Committee that is very active in planning days out or lunches. We have mystery bus trips, Father’s Day & Mother’s Day lunches as well as special events lunches.

The best thing about living here is that we have a great social life, a great manager who is prepared to listen, a great Committee who is ready to take advice and give feedback and who are always very busy planning new activities for us. Last but not least, you can get involved as much as you like or sit back and enjoy your retirement – the choice is yours.

Bernadette & Charlie Chetcuti

Undeniably the best move of our life

For my wife and I, living at Living Choice Woodcroft ticks all the boxes.

The location is excellent, being close to shops, bus routes, doctors and hospitals. The lovely elevated position provides delightful views with a wonderful feeling of spaciousness.

We love to travel either in our motorhome around Australia or on a cruise overseas. The village gives us lockup parking for our motorhome and when we are away, everything is looked after in a secure enviroment.

We have pets and they love the spacious private courtyard of our unit and the beautiful parks and gardens allow our pets plenty of walking space.

The homes are of superior quality to anything else we looked at. From the beautiful exterior to the quality internal fittings and with plenty of space for our furniture, there was very little downsizing required. The social aspects have exceeded our expectations, with the result that our lifestyle has been significantly enhanced.

We have made many wonderful new friends, which would not have happened, had we remained in our previous surburban location.

It has undeniably been the best move of our life and we are so glad that we did it sooner, rather than later.

Doug and Judy Tilley

Made to feel very welcome

My husband and I moved into the Apartments at Living Choice Woodcroft in April 2012 and soon found that retirement village living, while somewhat different, was as enjoyable a lifestyle as living in suburbia.

We had reached that stage of our life where it was time to consider our future.  Should we stay in our large family home with garden, all of which needed maintenance and care, or should we downsize?  A retirement village seemed to suit, with not having to worry about maintenance or gardening being a consideration. Woodcroft was near our family, friends, known medical services and shops, all of which were important to us.  So we made the big move.

Right from the beginning we were made to feel very welcome and were quickly informed of all the activities that we could be involved in, if we wished to be.  While we all live in “close quarters”, our privacy is respected and we can be as sociable, or private, as we want to be.

Being in the apartments has meant that my housework has been greatly reduced, which is a good thing, as it has left me more time to do all other things that I find more enjoyable.

Living in the apartments means that we are able to keep a neighbourly eye on each other and help when help is needed.  That is a real comfort as we can be assured that, if the need arises, we are not left alone.  All we need to do is ask and help is at hand and as we get older, that is very important.

We have made many new friends in the village and are busier now than ever before, but that is our choice.  My husband & I have found that we have more company now than when we were isolated in our suburban home and we are both enjoying a new lease on life.

Life in the village has been very good for us and we are delighted with our decision to move into a village when we did and not wait until we were too old to enjoy it.

Alice & Chris Conway

It definitely feels like home

Having recently moved into Living Choice Woodcroft we have no regrets at all.

The centrally located village, set in the foothills, has excellent shopping, public transport and other facilities close by.

The villa that we chose is very modern and spacious, and it definitely feels like home.

The residents we have met are very friendly, as are all the administration staff.

We are looking forward to the completion of the Leisure Centre, which will be a great meeting place for all residents.

We are confident that we have made the right move at this stage of our lives.”

Judy and Eric Schmidt

Absolutely love it

We recently moved into our brand new 3-bedroom villa at Living Choice Woodcroft and absolutely love it. It’s very spacious, the rooms are all light and bright and all the facilities are excellent.

The staff made a great effort to have it ready for us in time for our move, which happened a little sooner than we thought it would.
We enjoy walking the dog around the village and not having to worry about the traffic any more. It is also a way of meeting new friends and, of course, almost everyone has a story to tell.

We are lucky to have a good selection of shops and other facilities nearby and we enjoy the fact that our little garden is just enough to keep us busy.

Sue and Trevor Taylor

We found a little gem

We found a little gem in Living Choice Woodcroft Retirement Village.

We came across this little gem by chance and moved into the apartments in October 2007.

Since then we have made many good friends and social life is good. We celebrate Melbourne Cup Day, Australia Day, mystery bus tours and in the village itself there is always something to do – craft mornings, Friday afternoon tea with the girls and men’s Happy Hour and a great social committee. We are also close to hospitals, shops and bus routes.

Peter and I travel a lot and whilst away, feel very secure that all is looked after. This would have to be the best move we have made and, as Peter has always Said, “My wife and I enjoy living here”.

 Joan and Peter Egel.

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David and Kathy


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