The Davistown Putt Putt Regatta and Wooden Boat Festival is an iconic annual event enjoyed by hundreds of people of all ages and this year, Living Choice had a presence thanks to the efforts of the hard-working Alloura Waters Resident Ambassadors.

Organised by the Lions Club, the Regatta was originally started by Brisbane Water Marine Watch as a boating revival for putt putt boat owners. Today it has grown into a popular and entertaining day for the whole family with spectacular water activities, live entertainment and almost 100 food and general stalls.

Always on the lookout for new ways to promote their village, the Resident Ambassadors decided the Regatta would be a great way to expose Living Choice’s three Central Coast villages to the wider community. The idea was enthusiastically embraced by village manager and Lions member, Garry Spencer as well as Living Choice management.

Funds were provided to hire a marquee, chairs and tables and the ambassadors handed out Living Choice bags containing information as well as cold bottles of water. They also gave out 375 Living Choice balloons.

The Living Choice station proved to be a very popular resting place and at times there wasn’t a spare seat.

Garry said the ambassadors were magnificent. “Despite some of them being over 80, they worked throughout the day – they were all champions,” he said. Later, Garry organised a get-together at the village to thank them for their wonderful efforts.

“I believe we have positioned ourselves well within the community and I’m sure we will be back next year.”