Residents of Living Choice Twin Waters celebrated Australia Day 2018 with a morning of fun activities and a big spread of Aussie fare on the barbie for lunch.

The activities included some particularly Aussie challenges such as Washer Tossing and Thong Throwing, along with Indoor Bowls, Darts and Crazy Golf. The winners of each activity received some lovely prizes and it was an enjoyable celebration for the 94 people who attended.

There was even an international “chef” with Billy Richardson, the grandson of Thelma and Frank coming all the way from Bristol in the UK to face the heat of the BBQ on a very hot summer’s day!

It was discovered with a show of hands, just how few of us are more than 3rd generation Australian and was great to see how involved people from all backgrounds and cultures have become in celebrating all things Australian.

Thank you to all of the residents who organised and ran the day and to all who attended, and congratulations to the winners on the day!