The month of November has certainly become a significant month in the life of Geoffrey Seagrove Bushnell – he was born on 7th November 1916, he retired on his birthday in November 1981, he moved into Living Choice Broadwater Court with his late wife Joyce in November 2001 and celebrated his 100th birthday on 7th November 2016.

Still living independently and enjoying a full and active life, Geoff’s 100th birthday milestone was celebrated over several days. On Saturday 5th, a surprise party, organised by Robyne Grahame, Wendy Gardiner and helpers, was held at the village’s Happy Hour and was attended by 70 guests, including residents and senior Living Choice staff members.

The following day, Geoff’s son, Geoff Jnr, hosted a party attended by 40 family members, who travelled from far and wide. On Tuesday 8th, Geoff will travel to Sydney for a special luncheon arranged by the Army Association at The Barracks in Sydney and will be accompanied by his son Geoff Jnr and fellow Broadwater Court resident, Gwen Ferfolya.

Geoff served in the army with the Australia Water Transport Association for six years and was based on small ships in New Guinea and the Middle East. His advancing age has not stopped him from attending the association’s monthly meetings in Sydney, taking two trains to get there.

Geoff attributes his longevity to a “happy and loving marriage” (he lost his wife 8 years ago), maintaining a positive outlook and keeping active. He exercises in the village spa as often as possible, attends village functions and has many friends in the village. His closest friend, Gwen, describes him as a “real gentleman, friendly and talkative. He has a wonderful aura and attitude.”

“He attended his granddaughter’s wedding in Tasmania a few weeks ago and was asked off the cuff if he wanted to say a few words. He spoke so beautifully and got a standing ovation!”

Son Geoff Jnr agrees that his father’s memory is amazing. “He can tell you what he had for lunch at school. He has always done everything in moderation. Mum was a full-time housewife and prepared old-fashioned home-cooked meals. He’s certainly the ‘full bottle!”

Although vision-impaired, Geoff intends to live at Broadwater Court for as long as possible. A domestic helper does his shopping and cleaning every fortnight but he still does his own washing, ironing and cooking. “I also have wonderful friends here and the staff members are all very supportive. I love it here.”

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