Report by Carroll Jacobsen

Five Living Choice Kawana Island residents and a resident’s relative, aptly named the “Choice Chicks”, took part in the “Pink Tri” at the University of the Sunshine Coast on Sunday 3rd April and survived with little more than sore hips, tired legs and weary heads.

Barb Lindsay and Dusty Smith (daughter of Edith Smith), led the way for the first event, a 300m swim. They performed well, streaking through the pool lanes to be finished in less than ten minutes. Joan Harrison and Barb then ran, not walked, over to the bikes with the ankle timer. Carroll Jacobsen and Joan took off on the bikes at a fast rate of 22kph for the first two x 2km laps. Slowing down in the third lap for a drink, a certain Jacobsen family outlaw member was heard to remark, “The ladies must have stopped for a quick champers!”

They powered home, stopping just in time to miss running over the volunteers at the finish line. Mary Paton and Jean MacLachlan were waiting and after receiving their ankle timers, headed off like little butterflies for the 3km run/walk. This they achieved in quick time, hardly appearing to breathe heavily, and joined up with the rest of the team for the final dash across the finish line.  Aah, what symmetry…

As a team, we came 6th and 7th out of nine teams (not bad for a team of “oldies” – well almost). Our times were very competitive, however, our aim in doing the “tri” was to show support for women by women. To that end we all finished together.

We would like to thank the stalwarts who turned out to cheer us on – you were an inspiration to us. The same applies to the families who helped us tremendously, both with the physical business of preparation and the encouragement of happy faces.

Finally, thank you for the donations given to us by the very generous people in the village, our families and Living Choice. You raised $792.50 in donations, an amazing amount of money given the drain on your purses over recent days. We give everyone heartfelt thanks for the good wishes and kind thoughts and, in the words of several of the young chicks who competed alongside us, “We want to be like you when we grow up”.