Georgia Cant reports

Leisure Centre:

The Leisure Centre is now progressing well and is on its way to being at the ‘lock up stage’ by the end of November.

With conditions improving on site a considerable amount of progress has taken place over the last month. A heavy amount of infrastructure has gone into both the Leisure Centre and apartments and we are now at the intricate detail stage of the project.

All six of the Leisure Centre Apartments now have walls framed and lined and the windows and sliding doors are also in. The views from these apartments, and the amount of natural light they gather from being on the first floor, is spectacular.

Over the coming weeks we will see most of the Leisure Centre’s walls and ceilings lined. The commercial grade windows that enclose areas such as the auditorium and pool will be installed. These window frames have begun already, starting with the pool area.

Once these windows are in, the external cladding system will start on the front façade of the building, giving a hint as to what the finish of the Leisure Centre will look like.

Below, the ground works in the under croft carpark have been underway, preparing for the asphalt pavement.

The Linked Apartments: 

The Linked Apartments have received all precast panels on site and there has been considerable progress with the structural steel and roof framing.

In the next month concrete will arrive on site to pour both concrete stairs 5 and 6 along with the first floor suspended slab.


As the warmer months approach we hope to see less mud and excess dirt on the roadways. Residents and visitors should be aware when walking around the village, in particular around the construction zone, as we have many contractors coming in and out of the village at any given time.

The Construction Team is looking forward to the progress the Leisure Centre will undertake between now and Christmas.

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