Flagstaff Hill golfers shine at Masters Games

The 17th Australian Masters Games were played in Adelaide from 5th to 12th October, attracting more than 10,000 participants across 50+ sports. Three Flagstaff Hill Golf Club members took part in the golf competition, including Wendy Butler, Rick O’Donnell and Heather Holmes. Both Wendy and Rick won medals with Wendy winning a Bronze Medal on Day 1 and a Gold Medal on Day 2. Rick also earned a Gold Medal on Day 3 and Heather’s husband, Bill also won a medal in the Archery event.

Wendy said taking part in the games was a wonderful experience with people coming from all over the world to compete. The social program was nearly as busy as the sporting program with Opening and Closing Ceremonies plus a street party and music concerts. Popular Sunrise host, Kochie, was the official ambassador for the games and also took part in the rowing events.

The games are held every two years and Wendy is already planning for the 2021 Masters Games in Perth.