Living Choice Fullarton resident Sue Pearce has had an amazing involvement over many years with the SA Variety Bash and she doesn’t look like she is going to hang up the car keys of Car 140, The Bean Machine, anytime soon.

Together with her co-drivers Tracey and Margot, Car 140 raised $53,894 towards this year’s outstanding record of $2.64-million raised at the annual event which supports special needs children in the state.

Sue said it was a remarkable journey throughout some beautiful parts of the state and that sleeping in a swag under the stars was the ultimate experience.  “We have more stars than many places in the world – simply spectacular and certainly more than 5-star hotels!”

Travelling over 2,500km on outback dirt tracks, the Bash travellers visited Point Lincoln, Coffin Bay, Arno Bay, Buckleboo, Wudinna, Wirrula, Smoky Bay, Skull Tanks, North Well Station, Billa Kalina, Woomera, Port Augusta, Crystal Brook, arriving in Clare where hundreds of fans welcomed them in true regional fashion.

“The tracks were sandy, muddy, wet and dry, but Mother Nature favoured us with acres of brilliant wild flowers in places where weeds would be proud to survive – it was simply amazing and the colours outstanding.  Unimaginable friendships spanning all age groups were forged, so if this event is on your bucket list – just do it, you’ll love it!” said Sue.

Living Choice was one of the many proud sponsors of Car 140 and Sue said the sponsorship enabled several families in regional and remote areas to receive grants to assist them in the caring of special needs children.

“We Jelly Beans are indebted to the support of many companies, colleagues and friends who generously donate to Car 140, both financially and by attending the events we host, so, on behalf of the special needs children we thank you.”