Glenhaven Sports Day

Around 110 Living Choice Glenhaven residents, clients and Rotary Club of Glenhaven members enjoyed a Sports Day at the village on Saturday 14th March, taking part in a wide variety of fun sporting activities.

Organised by the village’s Sports Committee, the games included outdoor bowls, putt-putt golf, darts, quoits, indoor bowls, billiards and tennis.

Six Rotarians donned chef’s aprons to fire up the BBQ for the lunch and several other Rotarians assisted as part of the community service project, which was sponsored by Living Choice.

The winners of the various events were:

  • Outdoor bowls – Terri Williams with a score of 18.
  • Putt-putt golf – Terri Williams with a score of 15.
  • Darts – Colin Childs with a score of 109 from 3 darts.
  • Quoits – Jan Reid with a great score of 5 out of 6 quoits on the spike.
  • Indoor bowls – Peter Henderson with a score of 30 for 4 bowls – a good score for a non-bowler.
  • Billiards – Terry Oliver with eight shots to sink six balls.
  • Tennis – Tom Chapman with a maximum score of five bulls eyes with five balls. Well done Tom!