Kawana Island golfers continue a proud tradition

Early every Thursday, the Living Choice Kawana Island village bus as well as a few cars set off for the nearby Glenview Par 3 Golf Course on the Sunshine Coast. It’s a tradition that was started by resident Barry Vassella, a former professional golfer, and it’s a tradition that has been kept alive by the Residents’ Chairperson, Bod Sande.

The group, known as the Kawana Island Retirement Village Par 3 Players, now numbers around 28 players and they recently invited Living Choice director, Graham Hobbs and his partner Karin Harris to join them.  “Graham could not play due to a hip injury however he accompanied the golfers in a golf cart and also donated four dozen of his favourite golf balls to the golfers as penance,” said Bob.

In November, the Par 3 Players held their annual golf dinner in the leisure centre where the winners of the annual Championship, played over four weeks, were announced. The best two scores out of the first three rounds plus round 4 were used to determine the winner. Congratulations to the 2019 winner, 91-year-old Tom Palmer who is pictured below wearing the famous Green Jacket and admiring his trophy at the annual presentation dinner.

Another 90+ year-old at the village, Frank Courtney, also won the grand champion Texas Holden poker final for 2019, proving that age is no barrier when it comes to winning!