Twenty-nine knitters, including eight Living Choice Fullarton residents, took part in the “Worldwide Knit in Public Day” at Living Choice Fullarton on Sunday 11 June.

Started in 2005, the event is the largest knitter run event in the world and resident Joan Seymour had the great idea that Fullarton would be the perfect venue. With Hudsons Café providing coffees courtesy of Living Choice, the knitters thought so too!

Joan said the first knitter showed up well before 2pm, and many knitters stayed until 4pm. “Pam Shortner from Knit and Natter and Knit 4 Charities brought several members of her groups and the SA Hand Knitters’ Guild was well represented. She also made presentations to each “knitting circle” about her service work,” said Joan.

“Audrey Mitchell displayed one of the blankets her group at St Peter’s puts together for disadvantaged Adelaide residents, and several participants worked to make squares for this project with needles borrowed from the LCF craft room. Caroline Chapman was delighted to find an outlet for her sewn children’s clothing,” Joan added.

Living Choice commends Joan and her helpers for their initiative in not only showcasing the village, but assisting a worthy cause too.

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