Both the Leisure Centre and Linked Apartments have made substantial progress during July, reports GEORGIA CANT.

Leisure Centre:

The Leisure Centre is rapidly taking shape with the latest addition of the structural steel. This is such an integral part of the project and will allow for quick progression. The steel will be logistically lifted and fixed into place, similar to that of the precast panels, beginning at the western side of the building and moving towards the east. The continuation of this progress will hopefully be uninterrupted by the weather.

Following the assembly of the structural steel, the roof will begin to go on, allowing for the initial stage of the fit-out to commence.

The Linked Apartments:

The Linked Apartments have structurally progressed with their initial precast panels arriving on site to form the basement.

The suspended slab is to be received at the end of this week, creating the ground floor for the apartments.

The Linked Apartments have been engineered to the highest extent, ensuring an enhanced structural integrity of both existing and new apartments. This approach will ensure the longevity of the building through its strength.


During this winter period the construction teams are endeavouring to maintain a clean and safe work environment for all.

Remember to maintain awareness of heavy traffic movement when proceeding around the village.

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