Great progress has been made on the retirement village Leisure Centre and Link Apartments during the past month and the next few stages of the project will allow for both the residents and the community to see real time progression as the anticipation for its completion is awaited.

As at 1st of June the ground floor concrete slab for the Leisure Centre had been completed, including the pool, which is now fully formed. Other Leisure Centre progress includes the following:

  1. The team is now preparing for the precast wall panels to be erected on site, estimated to occur towards the middle of June.
  2. Logistically the panels will be erected from west to east, starting with the under-croft car park panels located at the rear of the Leisure Centre and working towards the large auditorium space being the street frontage. This strategy will ensure efficiency as this is a precision task and a major structural stage of the project.
  3. The panels will give depth and form to almost all ground floor spaces as we will begin to see and understand the sheer volume and stature this Leisure Centre will proclaim.

Link Apartments:

The Link Apartments have also been developing with a large shelf being excavated from the western side.

The bored piers that were poured to reinforce the existing structure are now prevalent.


A new construction access through the gym car park has been prepared for the duration of the build and should reduce the amount of heavy construction traffic entering the village.

Rubble has also been laid along the main site boundaries in an effort to reduce the amount of mud on the roadways.

The construction team would like to thank the residents and the village for their patience during these major works so far. We have gained momentum quickly and are looking forward to the progression to come.


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