Georgia Cant reports

Leisure Centre: We have a roof!

The progress on the new Leisure Centre at Woodcroft has come a long way since the beginning of August.

All of the structural steel has been fixed in place, making way for the first fix carpentry and roof structure.

The Leisure Centre apartments have taken shape internally and the views from these first floor apartments are fantastic.

In the month to come the building’s entire roof system will be finished off. The mechanical, hydraulic and electrical infrastructure will also commence throughout the apartments and common areas.

The structure of the building will soon be enclosed with wall linings and exterior cladding.

The linked apartments: 

The linked apartments have also made incredible progress. Having poured the suspended slab in early August it has now fully cured in time for the enormous precast concrete panels.

These panels have been temporarily fixed into place awaiting structural steel to arrive shortly.


Most of the scaffolding has been removed from both the Leisure Centre and the Linked Apartments allowing residents to see the spaces taking shape.

Once the roof is fully complete on the Leisure Centre the weather will be less likely to impact progress internally.

We hope this key milestone in the project will ensure the construction progress will continue efficiently.

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