Photo: As at 1st April, 80 percent of the ground preparation for the leisure centre was complete. (Photo by Georgia Cant)

By Renato Obbiettivo, Project Manager

Residents and visitors to Living Choice Woodcroft would have noticed that the ground preparation to the leisure centre is well underway, with approximately 80 percent completed as at 1st April. As part of our quality assurance plan, a number of compaction test results have been carried out and the results achieved are well beyond the specification requirements.

The next major milestones are to commence detailed footing excavation works to the new leisure centre car park and cinema areas along with completing the bored piling and bulk excavation works to the new Link Apartments.

During the earthworks, a number of existing services which had become redundant were removed and trenches backfilled. A full-time Geotechnical Engineer has been present to ensure compliance is achieved on all levels of ground preparation.

The extensive retaining walls along the western aspect are completed and controlled backfill has advanced to pave the way for the new leisure centre car park.

The new bored piles have also commenced to the new Link Apartments Building. A total of 54 piles measuring approximately 6m in depth will be installed over the coming weeks, paving the way to complete bulk excavation works to the new undercroft car parking areas. Given the close proximity of constructing the new Link Apartments to the existing apartment block, the LCA team chose the bored piles as being technically advanced with minimal structural disruption.

Design documentation has been completed to enable new construction works, in particular existing fire, sewer and electrical services.

In brief, the construction activities planned for the next 4 weeks are:

  • Complete the site preparation and footing excavations to the new leisure centre;
  • Disconnect and relocate the existing fire, electrical, domestic water and stormwater services;
  • Continue bored piling works to the new Link Apartments Building;
  • Bulk excavation and site preparation to the new Link Apartments Building;
  • New underground services.


Vehicles are entering the site via Pimpala Road via two entrances. Keeping the road and footpaths immediately surrounding the site clean is of utmost importance to our team and contractors.

We are constantly liaising with our trade contractors to manage their movements to minimise impact to local residents and adjoining streets.

Photos below: Bored piling to the Link Apartments as at 3rd April.