One of the most appreciated facilities at Living Choice Fullarton retirement village is the restaurant and cafe, “Damien on Fisher” incorporating Hudsons Coffee, which has been receiving high praise from the residents since it opened at 123 Fisher Street in late December last year.

This week, the champagne corks were popping as popular restaurant proprietor Damien Hein, his staff members and residents celebrated the news that the licensed restaurant had finally been given the green light to open to the public.

“I love the residents here – everyone is so friendly and welcoming. They feel like family already. Being able to open to the public means I can offer an even better menu and service because we can now welcome more people to our restaurant and café,” said Damien.

“My time here so far has been amazing. What a great opportunity to work side by side with Living Choice – I’m having the time of my life,” he added.

Damien has always been passionate about food, having started his chef apprenticeship at the young age of 14. He completed his apprenticeship four years later, became a head chef at 21 and owned a restaurant at age 24.

Like most chefs, his favourite “go-to” food at home is vegemite and cheese on toast, however his menu at Fullarton is a lot more sophisticated, offering a wide range of freshly prepared food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“I source my produce from trusted restaurant and café association approved suppliers and look for freshness, seasonality and it must be local.”

His food is reasonably priced too – click here for the latest menu.

What Living Choice Fullarton residents say …

I love the food at Damien’s!

We love the ambience in the restaurant and coffee shop.
Pam and Tom

The café and restaurant is very much a social hub and the quality and presentation of the food is excellent.

The restaurant and coffee shop offers everything from snacks to gourmet meals.
Sandra and Helen

This has wonderful facilities. The restaurant cooks a different meal for me every night.

Damien is very good and so are his staff members.
Tom and Pam

I love the restaurant!

The restaurant is excellent.

The staff members are very good but Damien has made the place.
John and Penney

I also like the way the restaurant staff acknowledge people by name.

I use the restaurant often. It is like living in a resort.

We use the restaurant more than anyone else. We also used the function room for my wife’s birthday.