With occupancy at an all-time high at Living Choice Broadwater Court, there has been keen interest from both clients and residents in three new villas under construction in Tree View Estate (Stage 1).

The beautifully designed three-bedroom, two-bathroom villas are situated in a secluded position in Courigal Street and are scheduled for completion mid-year. One of the villas, Villa 85, was deposited before the slab was poured and will become the new home of a sister and brother from Umina. They were referred to the village by a Broadwater Court resident and both will receive Wish Gift Cards valued at $500.

Also under construction at Broadwater Court is a new, double-storey Sales and Administration office on Avoca Drive. Scheduled for completion by the end of the year, the custom designed building will accommodate both sales and village administration staff as well as corporate operations and accounts personnel.

The move from the current administration building will free up space on the top level of the Tree View Estate community centre, where it is planned to build two apartments.


Photo: Sales consultants Jenny Trovato and Annie Bishop on the site of the new villas and sales office. (Photo by Dave Grassby)
Photo Inset: Site plan for Tree View Estate, showing the location (in blue) of the three new villas and Sales and Administration office.