10th Anniversary time capsule unearthed at Twin Waters

Good things come to those who wait - and wait they certainly have. On Thursday 13th April, Living Choice Twin Waters residents came together to watch as the 10-year time capsule was dug up.

A large group of residents turned up to watch the village’s first Village Managers, Russ and Lyn Dunstan, along with special guest and former long-term employee, Jane Fisher, escort the village’s first resident, Bobbie Scovell to the event.

Residents’ Committee Chairperson, Ron Boxall thanked everyone for coming and handed the newly dug-up time capsule to Bobbie who carried it into the Leisure Centre. Upon opening the capsule, the contents were displayed beautifully on a table by Robert Airs. They will be available for everyone to enjoy for the next week.

Bobbie gave a lovely speech and thanked Russ, Lyn and Jane, along with June Hurt who used to work as a carer at the village, for attending.

A lovely morning tea was enjoyed by all. A big thank-you to the wonderful ladies in the kitchen.

On Thursday 20th April, the village will celebrate its 20th Anniversary and a large crowd is expected to come along and enjoy the festivities.

Contents of the 10-year time capsule included:

Past Village Manager Hanne Lloyd and Russ Dunstan’s business cards;
Committee and AGM minutes 2013;
10th Anniversary invitation and agenda;
5th April 2013 Village Communique;
Social Calendar 2013;
Map of the village:
January 2004 and October 2003 Living Choice and Lifestyle magazine;
Photo of the bowls group 2013;
Padman Aged Care brochure (Padman was subsequently replaced by Estia Aged Care);
Note from the craft group, craft minutes, thank-you letter from Red Cross:
Newspaper article about Bobbie Scovell March 2005;
Photos from assorted functions.