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4,300 residents surveyed: Village life is safer and they will live longer

DCM Research

Over 80% of 4,300 residents surveyed in the National Residents’ Survey by the DCM Group say they feel physically safer in their village and think they will have a longer quality of life by moving to their village. Two-thirds even believe that they will live longer as a result of the move. No other product or service can deliver these comprehensive positive results amongst ageing Australians, according to the DCM’s Chris Baynes.

“These residents made a single purchase decision and the impact has been positively exceptional. No other action can match it,” he says.

Living Choice’s SA Wellness Centre Coordinator, Sarah Fox, agrees. Sarah, who spoke at the Living Choice Woodcroft Open Day last week, says another recent survey showed that people living in retirement villages were five times more likely to participate in social activities, reported four times better quality of life and a 100% increase in cognitive function. This makes it a fantastic lifestyle choice.”

The Wellness Centres at both Woodcroft and Fullarton offer a wide range of health and wellness services and at other Living Choice villages, there are many activities on offer to keep the mind and body active.