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A bear in the window

Bears have been popping up in windows and gardens throughout Australia, including at Living Choice Glenhaven. Resident Anita Stevens (pictured below) wrote this poignant poem. Anita is a keen member of the village’s Writers’ Group and has also been keeping herself busy colouring-in.

“I’m a bear in the window – I’m lonely as can be!
For weeks I have been hiding, cooped up in solitary.
I just stare out the window and look for passers-by
But they are few, far between – it’s sad, I almost cry...

“There’s a bear across the road who’s looking back at me
And he is wearing a mask against germs, for safety
And there are more at windows all looking out, on guard,
Hoping children will spot them but we’re finding it hard…

“We’re all starved of affection; we yearn to hear a voice,
The laughter of grandchildren but sadly there’s no choice.
They cannot come to see us or give us a big hug;
They have to keep their distance ‘cause of this awful bug.

“I wonder what they’re doing? Are the missing us too
While they are cooped up like this finding something to do?
We just stand at the windows, hope for a better day
When this pandemic is over and once more we can play.”