AW Gift ADudney

A gift to treasure from the Alloura Waters Workshop

When Andy Dudney relinquished the reins as Village Manager at Living Choice Alloura Waters, he was presented with a very special gift from the members of the village’s workshop.

Last year, when the village gardeners were trimming some of the larger trees on the site, the workshop members recognised an opportunity to recover some of the felled branches for future use, especially in turning projects.

The timber recovered in the form of large branches was chopped into lathe size portions and then stored for 12 months to dry out. This wood came from a very big spotted gum, jacarandas and liquid amber.

Recently a piece of spotted gum was turned on the lathe with very pleasing results. The vase shown above was given to Andy as a gift from the workshop on his departure. It was turned by Don Paviour-Smith.

Andy said he was delighted with the gift and the vase would always be a reminder of his happy time at Alloura Waters. Andy has taken on the role of Living Choice’s National Purchasing Manager and his big shoes have been filled by Leanne Maini, former Village Manager at Living Choice Deepwater Court.

Pictured are the spotted gum tree, the recovered log and the beautiful vase.