A ‘happening’ at Twin Waters

Peace and love was the message at Twin Waters last Saturday evening. The calendar read 1967 and the 100 or so hippies and groovy guys and chicks were getting together for a ‘love in’ in the commune (also known as the leisure centre).

Flower power was in full bloom with the room draped in all colours of the rainbow with records and flowers on the walls. The tables were decorated with bright table clothes, vibrant flower patterns on the runners and napkins, an array of handmade flower arrangements and painted vases on vinyl records, finished off with LOVE coasters.

The residents went all out to dress for the occasion too. Psychedelic patterns, peace signs, tall boots, mini-skirts, dreadlocks and wigs of all colours and shapes, daisy chains, headbands, bandanas and tie-dye.

Six spot prizes were given out for the best dressed hippie, best group of hippies, and best table of dress ups, and the lovely Tina Pietzsch for her spirit of the 60s and hard work decorating.

The easy listening background music was followed by the swinging sounds of that magical era and in no time the dance floor was filled with twisters, jivers, groovers and rock ‘n’ rollers.

Of course, appetites had to be satisfied and in keeping with the theme, huge servings of bangers and mash followed by cheesecake, jelly and ice cream were gratefully consumed.

Everyone loved the night of feasting, drinking, and dancing – some used muscles they have not used in a while!

Awesome work by the large team of residents for putting on this spectacular event.