Sturt Bowling Club Day

A Lawn Bowls Adventure at Sturt Bowling Club

It was a day of firsts for Carlos, Andrej, Abelyn, Subha, and Jason from Living Choice participated in the Sponsors Day at Sturt Bowling Club with the Living Choice team never having tried their hand at lawn bowls before. Still, with drinks, nibbles, and afternoon tea provided, they had a great day out.

Stepping on to the bowling greens, the team were greeted by the Sturt Bowling Club volunteers, staff, and patrons who shared their gratitude for the sponsorship Living Choice had provided.

As they all separated into teams, each individual was paired with a helpful guide in preparation for the competition. Throughout the afternoon, there were some impressive skills emerging from our team. But every bowl was met with laughter and encouragement, making the experience more enjoyable.


As the day drew to a close, the team left with not only newfound bowling skills but also a deeper connection to the Sturt Bowling Club community.


The team can’t wait to return for another sponsors game soon.