A Life Well Lived

Living Choice Woodcroft resident, Roger Trevor, has written his autobiography which he presented to the Village library at Happy Hour on 11th August. ALICE CONWAY & JIM PIKE REPORT.

As librarians at Living Choice Woodcroft, we were delighted to be presented with the autobiography of our resident, Roger Trevor, albeit he calls it “a rambling chronicle of widely diverse events and activities”.  The presentation was watched not only by the residents but also by his proud family who came to the village’s weekly Happy Hour for this special occasion.

Roger Trevor finally decided to put in writing, the story of his long and very interesting life. He has aptly called it “A Life Well Lived”. It is a thoroughly easy read – and not in small print.

Starting life in Adelaide as what has become known as a “butterfly or cotton wool baby” did not hold him back, as over his 87 years he has taken life, head on, and nothing has stopped him. As a teenager, his family moved to Port Lincoln, where he eventually met and married the love of his life, Patsy in 1961.  She has been his strongest supporter for 62 years. Now he is the proud father of two daughters, Roxanne and Angela and grandfather of Lucas.

Roger’s life has seen him in a variety of roles, including working for Local Government, many Committees, Councils, Australia’s Bicentennial Authority 1988, a JP, and in so many other groups. He has come in contact with so many interesting and world-renowned people who have added to the colour of his life.

He loved his cars, he loved sailing, and he loved travelling overseas. All with Patsy by his side – well, mostly. I’m not sure she was actually in the fast cars or the scary sailing escapades.

Being “Father Christmas” at Myer was one of his joys as he met many children, some of whom he would recognise year after year.  The first Christmas in the village I remember him riding around on his scooter, in full costume, calling out “Merry Christmas” to everyone as he rode by. It was a lovely, novel sight.

Patsy and Roger have travelled extensively around Australia too and have taken on many working roles together over the years. However, like all of us, the time finally came in 2016 when they joined our happy family here and have become an integral and well-loved part of our community.

Anyone who reads this book will enjoy reading about his very full and well lived life.