A proud 18-year legacy at Glenhaven

Many “pioneer residents” at various Living Choice villages have made enormous contributions to the social fabric and ethos of their village and one resident who stands out is Enid Hewson of Living Choice Glenhaven.

Enid and her late husband, John, were the first residents to move into the village in September 2004. In 2005, Enid started a craft group and 18 years later, the group is still meeting once a week and has around 20 members. Over the years, they have donated funds and made hundreds of items for various charities.

Recently, they delivered 210 knitted squares and 20 blankets to The Creative Fringe in Penrith. They also knit scarves and beanies plus donate cash to Stewart House and make babywear, scarves and beanies for Knit One, Give One in Victoria. Proceeds from their craft sales are also donated to the Glenhaven Rural Fire Brigade.

Other organisations they have helped include The Exodus Foundation who give out scarves and beanies while doing night patrols of the homeless.

“We also gave some money to Aussie Hero quilts and laundry bags. The quilts and bags are given to those serving in the Australian Defence Force all around the world. They came to our village and gave a talk showing their beautiful quilts and laundry bags. They rely on donations to keep their organisation going,” she said.

Enid is particularly proud of the craft group’s efforts to support The Creative Fringe. “Our craft group members and even some relatives knit the squares and The Creative Fringe has volunteers who sew the squares together. They have two challenges each year – one in June and one in August. They are aiming for 650 blankets this year.”

The blankets are sent to Platform Youth Services, Westcare Penrith, Penrith Community Kitchen, The Haven, Nepean Women’s Shelter and Link Wentworth Housing.

What a wonderful legacy Enid has created at Glenhaven and well done to the craft group members for their support over the years.