GM Trolley Dolly

A proud “Trolley Dolly” at Fullarton!

Living Choice resident Gill Miller reflects on her time as a “Trolley Dolly” during the initial lockdown period at Living Choice Fullarton.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic all the furniture in the main entrance hall, café and dining room at Living Choice Fullarton was removed which left the area looking very strange as it’s usually buzzing with activity.

Despite the restaurant restrictions Damien on Fisher remained open, serving take-away meals only.  What a blessing this was! Residents were assured of delicious meals and for those people unable to collect their food a group of us formed a roster to deliver meals.

It was fun rattling around the corridors, knocking on doors and finding out who was dining with whom, and putting smiles on people’s faces.  Once everything had returned to normal Damien presented us with a tea towel with ‘I was a COVID-19 Trolley Dolly!’

To maintain our fitness level the physiotherapist set up regular Zoom classes online and learning to use new technology was another gain due to the lockdown.  I was also able to use Zoom to join the Sunday morning church services held by my cousins in their diocese in the Rhondda Valley, Wales – that was a blessing and a bonus.

Another initiative was the formation of a walking group hiking along strenuous trails in the hills, usually ending at the Stirling Bakery – always a good incentive.

So, although I was unable to travel to UK to visit my family and friends, I was able to participate in many new experiences, and was so thankful that we were all taken care of so well and safely by  the staff and helpers at Living Choice Fullarton.

(Note: Since Gill penned this article, life has returned to “almost normal” at Living Choice Fullarton, with Damien on Fisher open to both residents and the public and operating within the current COVID-Safe guidelines. Damien is very thankful to the “Trolley Dollies” for assisting him during the initial lockdown.)