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A terror-ific time at Kawana Island

It was a gloomy October 30, the day before Halloween, the storms were rolling in and the trick or treaters were getting prepared , however the residents of Living Choice Kawana Island celebrated the spooky season the best way they know how, dressed up, in good spirits and a day early.

There were witches and zombies, devils and skeletons, but the one thing everyone had in common, they were out to have a good time.

A COVID-Safe gathering of 40 people took place in the leisure centre and everyone was asked to bring their own nibbles and drinks or buy from the bar. A big thank-you to Doug Hoggan, David Thomas, Wayne Male and Graeme Preston for helping at the bar during the evening – they were stars in many people’s eyes.

“There were many emails to say thank you and how much they enjoyed having some more social contact,” said co-organiser Victoria Hoggan.

For now, the devil horns and witches’ hats can go back into the closet until next year.