AW_OpenDay 20June24

A warm welcome to Alloura Waters Open Day in June

Despite the coldest morning of the year, over 35 guests attended Living Choice Alloura Waters’ Open Day last Thursday, 20 June. The event was highlighted by a delightful Ploughman’s lunch, meticulously prepared by the Resident Ambassadors, showcasing the community’s spirit of hospitality.

Four resident guest speakers shared their experiences, offering insights into village life, including involvement in committees, participating in bands, and the vibrant social life. They also emphasized the invaluable support from fellow residents and staff during challenging times, painting a heartwarming picture of the supportive community.

Guests enjoyed a comprehensive tour of the village and its impressive facilities, with the winter gardens providing a picturesque backdrop on a glorious sunny day. The feedback from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the welcoming atmosphere and strong community bonds that define Living Choice Alloura Waters.

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