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“A Wedding Affair” comes to Twin Waters

If only the 21 wedding gowns on display in the auditorium at Living Choice Twin Waters on 27th February, could talk! One can only imagine the tales of romance, happiness and possibly last- minute butterflies.

Billed as “A Wedding Affair”, the history on display was awe-inspiring, with wedding dresses ranging from 1935 to 2017, two flower girl dresses from the 1970’s and seven veils, including a lace mantilla and a family heirloom veil first worn in 1873. There were also many wedding albums and photos plus memorabilia such as shoes, horseshoes, garters and jewellery. Several family groups displayed their wedding gowns, including one family spanning four generations!

The seed for the truly unique event was planted by Twin Waters resident, Shirley Asher three years ago. Many thought it would not work, however about six months ago, a committee was formed comprising Shirley, Lynne Bucknell, Tina Pietzsch and Marilyn Hales. They were assisted by the “Food Fairy Helpers”, Karen Grabau and Glenda Bretton, Steve Murray who did the music and lighting and Warwick Moody and Lindsay Cross who put their woodworking skills to good use to display the gowns.

Apart from the beautiful displays, guests enjoyed champagne, white and red wine, beer and orange juice plus a selection of eight savoury delights and sandwiches, served on individual plates to meet COVID-19 regulations. Everyone received a pink or white bag with wedding cake cut by Steve and Anne Murray and there was also a “Name the Bride” competition with Kay Manthei correctly guessing Elizabeth Harlen as the beautiful bride. Bev Cross won the lucky door prize.

“The biggest `thank-you’ goes to all the lovely ladies of the village who were willing to put into our care their most precious gowns, veils and memorabilia,” said Marilyn Hales. “We were truly humbled when handling these beautiful things and we hope we displayed them to show the love and care that was evident in the keeping of these wonderful things that evoke such memories. We have had so much positive feedback about the night that the four of us are walking on air!”

With thanks to Ross Longland for many of the photos