Afternoon tea with some real cutie pies

From the perspective of the Living Choice Retirement Homes, our Fullarton resident, Carolyn Stark, is a generous donor to RSPCA SA, and as a thank you for all her support, they visited the village for a fun-filled afternoon tea.

In the glorious sun-drenched Rose Garden, approximately 40 residents and grandchildren were invited to meet a 10-month-old baby wombat (who wasn’t in a very good mood), a joey and Millie the recently fostered British Bulldog.

For years the staff members at RSPCA SA have wanted to thank Carolyn for her generous donations and they were delighted to finally visit with a few animals.

Carolyn is a great lover of animals and said, ‘What they do is so wonderful and they need as much help as they can get!’

Cassandra from RSPCA SA said the wombat and joey will be sent to a sanctuary after they reach a certain age as they cannot be released into the wild.

Confiscated from a puppy farm, 3-year-old Millie had been in Cassandra’s care and after a time, she couldn’t part with her and officially adopted her.

Millie spent the afternoon stealing hearts and being the star of the show. She said hi to everyone and even put her paw up to pose at the camera. Silly Millie.

Cassandra presented Carolyn with a beautiful gift and gave a lovely speech, thanking her for organising the day and her generous donations.

Carolyn said, ‘It was a feel-good afternoon, a feel-good day’.

Living Choice staff members, Brian Lynch (Village Manager) and Pauline Yates (Office Administrator) came along, and when seeing all the smiles these gorgeous animals put on people’s faces, Pauline said that they should do this every year!

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