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Alloura residents enjoy Sydney to Hobart race start action

Living Choice Alloura Waters has an active Travel Sub-Committee that arranges group travel events for residents.

The most recent excursion took place on Boxing Day, when 14 residents travelled to Sydney’s Circular Quay where they boarded a Vagabond Ferry equipped with a bar and dining area to watch the start of the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

Out on the water they enjoyed a lovely lunch consisting of prawns, oysters, beef, chicken and lovely salads. While they were positioned right in the action, the ferry steered for calmer waters in a protected bay to watch the start of the race as there were so many other boats in the harbour creating choppy waves.

It was reported that while they were having lunch, Andoo Commanche sailed past the ferry and tour leader, Diane would have run out and photographed it had she known it was going to be the winner.

On the return trip to Circular Quay the group were served dessert and coffee. A wonderful day was enjoyed by all.