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Alloura Waters art students showcase their work

There are a number of activities that occur within the village which bring residents together to share a common interest.  One group is all about learning how to draw.

Living Choice Alloura Waters is very fortunate to learn from the best.  Resident and artist enthusiast Ted Castle has been enjoying running his art classes in the village since the start of this year.

It’s great to hear about the success of Ted’s pencil drawing classes in the village.  The fact that residents decided to hold an open display of the artwork after nine months of hard work is a wonderful initiative. It’s clear that the event on October 6th was a success, with attendees being extremely impressed by the art on display.

How lucky are the residents in the village to have guidance from Ted who provides a creative outlet for everyone.

Teds drawing classes run on Friday mornings in the Community Centre and everyone is welcome to attend.