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Alloura Waters – our serene, safe sanctuary

Once a year, Bev and Jim Tritton of Living Choice Alloura Waters enjoy a brief but exciting visit from the family of their only child, Mark and his family who live in New York. He steps out onto the balcony of their Alloura Waters apartment, takes in the view, exhales and proclaims, “Oh...the serenity!”

It was that view that drew Bev and Jim through the spacious living area to the balcony where Jim, in particular, was quick to state, “This is it!” Further inspection only confirmed what they were feeling as they took in the cathedral ceilings with light-filled spaces throughout. Living Choice consultant, David Grassby, a very close family friend, who was showing them the apartment, had never had such an easy task.

Having enjoyed a wide circle of local friends through Jim’s teaching experiences and Bev’s involvement in Central Coast Health, the pair has an extensive group of close friends on the Central Coast.

“It was so delightful to widen our social circle by developing new friendships in the village. These formed so quickly in a vibrant, social environment through interaction with a wide range of activities and excursions.

What is so impressive about retirement living at Alloura Waters is the diversity, not just in the village’s housing types but also in community and lifestyle options,” they said.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic finally allows us to get back to some sort of normality, we look forward to welcoming our USA family back to our wonderful, safe and peaceful home.”