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Alloura Waters resident stars on radio

With Open Days on hold for the foreseeable future, the Living Choice Marketing Team has reached out to residents to assist in marketing their villages. Living Choice Alloura Waters resident, Don Paviour-Smith kindly agreed to help with writing and recording a radio commercial, which is currently airing on Triple M on the Central Coast. Here is the commercial:

“Hi – I’m Don Paviour-Smith.

I’m a resident at Living Choice Alloura Waters;

What’s so special about living at Alloura Waters?

Jean and I have been here for 6 years and we have found:

  • It’s safe;
  • Like-minded neighbours look out for each other;
  • Great facilities, fantastic gardens and excellent staff;
  • Many activities – social, physical and a wonderful workshop;
  • And, we’re keen bowlers –the Club is just next door.

There’s no place we would rather be. Find out more. Google Living Choice.”

A big thank-you to Don for his invaluable support. He has a great voice too! You can listen to the commercial below.