Alloura Waters residents definitely have talent

Living Choice Alloura Waters has its own band, The Gunna-doers. They are talented, funny and love to entertain. All the essentials needed when putting on a show.

In late March, the band and social committee decided to put on a show that was a little different to their usual gig and themed it, “Alloura’s Got Talent.”

Residents packed the Community Centre for a great night out and some dressed up, ready to showcase their own talents.

The band started the night entertaining the crowd with a range of musical numbers before the local talent took to the stage.

Elvis was first up, followed by several impressive piano presentations, a couple of recitals, a stirring vocal solo, and then Bob Waters, John Pearson, and John Samios, walked to the stage dressed as drag queens. They did a stellar performance of Stand By Your Man that had the crowd roaring with laughter. It was loved so much the drag queens were encouraged to give an encore. Needless to say, the giggles continued well into the following weeks.

Way to go Alloura Waters. You really do know how to enjoy yourselves.