An Australia Day poem by Alan Playford

This year’s Australia Day celebrations at Living Choice Kawana Island included a poem written and shared by resident Alan Playford. The poem and its sentiments were appreciated by the other residents as part of their celebration of Australia Day 2018.

We would like to share this poem with you…

On the island of Kawana perched beside the lake,
Is the dwelling place of many, before their final break,
Some are rather sedentary while others active still,
Some have turned to woodwork with a high degree of skill…
There are those who like to garden and those who’d rather not,
But many share the produce of the common veggie plot.

What variety of occupations our residents have enjoyed,
Some have worked for Government while others self-employed.
We’ve had engineers and bankers and in the building trade,
Nurses, teachers, artists whose work we have displayed.
Farmers who tilled the soil with harrows and the ploughs
And extracted lacteal fluid from those lovely dairy cows.
The services well represented, army, navy, air,
But most of us contribute to Advance Australia Fair.

There’s a range of great activities to keep us in the pink,
But when we lack the motivation we can just sit and think!
There’s tennis, golf and bowls and tables with a cue.
Some get out there in a kayak when the water’s rippling blue.

Hospitals and medical practitioners are all so close to hand.
A feature of our age group is they are always in demand.
Our seniority lends itself to reaching use by dates,
But there’s always grief and sorrow when we lose our friends and mates.

We can be apples with some spots or lemons that are sour
But our blemishes diminish when we meet for Happy Hour.
It’s a caring little community watching out for other’s needs
And there’s much that goes unnoticed in the way of kindly deeds.

With our chair and the committee resolutely at the wheel,
We know the ship is sailing on a nice and even keel.
When we’re met along the pathways with cheery smile and friendly voice
We know that where we’re living was a satisfactory choice.

Alan Playford… November 2017