An extra special Happy Hour at Twin Waters

The residents at Living Choice Twin Waters enjoy happy hour on a regular basis. Add a birthday celebration for a “living treasure” and the turnout is a good one.

On Friday 19th November, resident Ian Leith attended happy hour and was warmly embraced by his friends and neighbours to celebrate his 98th birthday over the coming weekend.

Sitting comfortably on ‘Lowrie’s Perch’, over 50 guests managed to wrestle their way to Ian who was showered with kisses, cuddles, handshakes, food and drinks. The lounge area was overrun with joy and laughter, with some spilling their drinks to get to Ian in their haste.

Ian’s son, Mark Leith, was also in attendance – visiting from Brisbane for the weekend celebrations.

Ian is a much-loved resident at Twin Waters. He has been an integral member of the Residents’ Committee over many years and keeps active by playing golf and participating in regular events.

All the very best to you, dear Ian.