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Anne looks forward to less chores and more golf!

Excited, a little nervous and looking forward to not having to worry about house and garden maintenance … Flagstaff Hill Golf Club Board Member, Anne Graham, is the latest deposit holder at Living Choice Flagstaff Hill and this week shared her thoughts about her decision to make the move.

“I’ve been a member of the club for 10 years and although I have no notable individual golfing achievements, I’m hoping they will come when I have more time to practise rather than caring for a pool and large garden as I currently do!”

Anne joined the Board last year, is a past Women’s Captain and is now back on the Women’s Committee. Apart from golf, she enjoys spending time with her family which includes eight grandchildren and her many friends, both golfing and non-golfing. “I also enjoy travel and attend yoga sessions when my golfing commitments allow.”

Anne has lived in the same house in Flagstaff Hill for nearly 50 years and says there will be quite a lot of clearing out to do before she moves!

“Moving to Living Choice Flagstaff Hill will enable me to remain in my community in a modern, smaller home with a wonderful clubhouse on my doorstep and a cart to ride in, which will extend my golfing life.  Another advantage will be not having to worry about house and garden maintenance.”