the shack

Another successful charity drive at Twin Waters

It was a moment of fulfillment, compassion, and achievement watching The Shack Community Centre trailer drive off with stacks of donated goods, over 148 kg of food and warm smiles.

Saturday the 8th June showed us that if we rally together as a community we really can help those who need it most and Living Choice Twin Waters residents and the local community banded together to raise much needed funds and donations for Sunshine Coast charity, The Shack.

The centre, which was established in 2002, is run by Pastor Dale and Donna Dowler and a committed group of volunteers who have given their time and resources to help thousands of people over the years. They do amazing work within the Sunshine Coast community (and beyond) by helping those who are homeless, battling addiction, are victims of domestic violence, and more. The Shack is dedicated to provide support and counselling and the best bit? Their doors are always open to those who need a safe haven!

At Saturday's fundraising morning tea, everyone dug deep and an incredible $1600 was raised and boxes full of clothing, toiletries, winter warmers, and food was donated. A huge thank you to resident ambassadors and organisers, Ian & Maree Lawson, who have worked with The Shack since April 2017 and thank you to all who attended on Saturday morning to support this year's appeal.

There were raffles, delicious treats and coffee, a huge group selfie featuring the centre's mascot, Gerry, and residents also had the pleasure of listening Pastor Dowler's heartwarming speech about the centre, their work, and what is planned for the future, including new support groups, developments, and services.

Living Choice Twin Waters is eager to continue supporting The Shack for years to come and we can't wait for 2020's appeal. If you would like more information on The Shack Community Centre and their outstanding work please visit their website or phone Pastor Dowler at 0402 204 961.