Another successful Toymakers’ Handover event at Kawana Island

The Toymakers of Living Choice Kawana Island have been busy this year, much like previous years, preparing for the Annual Toymakers’ Handover.

Residents George Humeniuk, Barry Legg, Don Lindsay and David Fleming work, on average, 3.5 hours 5 days a week throughout the year creating beautiful, handcrafted toys for children in need.

The Toymakers have been lucky to receive three newcomers to the group this year: Danny Wise, Patrick McMaster and Brian Jones.

Together with the Kawana Island Craft Ladies, the Toymakers created 157 toys, which were made up of aeroplanes, cars, trucks, trains, rabbits, cradles, cots, prams, clotheslines, teddies, dolls, and push toys.

The Annual Toymakers’ Handover was held in the village’s leisure centre on Friday 26th November, and had two special guests attend: MP Jarrod Bleijie who generously donated $800 to the Craft Ladies; and Buddina State School Principal, Russell Thompson.

Living Choice sponsors the undertaking by providing $1,200 to the Toymakers and the Craft Group for materials.

A fundraiser has been established to cover the costs of materials for the Toymakers in the coming year. Raffle tickets are being sold at Living Choice Kawana Island, and several lovely prizes will be drawn during Happy Hour on 17th December 2021.

All toys made this year were packed up in tall trolleys for St Vincent de Paul to transport and distribute to children in Murgon.