Art Expression@123 Fisher – September Exhibition

Artist’s overview : Effie Theodoridis, Brush With Nature 

Admiring the endless variety of plant species and the colours, textures and shapes that exist, Effie Theodoridis’s ability to capture nature’s intrinsic beauty in her paintings is triumphant. 

For Effie, plants are not only a visual delight, but also a life-giving force. With the combination of bold colours, organic shapes, energetic lines and dots, and beautifully crafted insects, butterflies, birds and bees, Effie has masterfully conveyed patterns and forms found in nature. 

Applying art and design elements has been instrumental in creating interest, harmony and balance in her work, adding to recognisable forms of life arranged to lead the eyes into, around, and out of the painting. Effie’s work is a captivating reflection of the intricacies of nature displayed in its fragility and strength. 

Where: Exhibition Area, Damien on Fisher, Living Choice Fullarton, 123 Fisher Street, Fullarton. 

When: Thursday 2nd September to Tuesday 5th October from 8am Weekdays and 10am Saturdays 

Free entry to exhibition – but why not stay and enjoy a coffee or light meal in the café or dinner and drinks in the restaurant?  

For dinner bookings phone Damien on Fisher (08) 7111 2690.