Graham Harrison_edited

Artists display new art at Waterfront Estate

The Artastic Art Exhibition is back at Waterfront Estate, Living Choice Broadwater Court. It is run by resident Beth Miller, who does a wonderful job of bringing in art from talented artists. The first display is from resident Graham Harrison’s collection of art works.

Graham’s work is predominately portraits which has become his passion. You can follow Graham’s journey from when he first started pencil drawing in 2017 through to his latest pieces to be entered in the 2023 Fab Fakes Art competition, conducted by the Tuggerah Lakes Art Society in November.

There will be about 30 artworks on display including reproductions of paintings by the masters Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Johannes Vermeer along with other portraits of famous people, family and friends. Many of the reproductions are accompanied by interesting information about the subject and the original artist.

Graham will be available to talk about his work and how his technique has changed over the last six years. Graham said, “They are for sale and far cheaper than the originals”.