As happy as Larry on St Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s feast day came a day early at Living Choice Kawana Island this year. Resident and social coordinator, Elizabeth Male, and her many helpers put on a special monthly dinner in celebration of St Patrick’s Day.

Sixty-three residents dressed up to enjoy Kilkenny beer and green dye infused champagne. It was a beautiful spectacle of glittering green and more green. Green hats, hair, headbands, bowties, braces and badges.

They cheerfully mingled at the bar, which was run by Ian Dundas and Wayne Male (pictured above), before sitting down in the auditorium decorated in Irish colours. On the menu for dinner was proper Irish stew and mashed potato followed by an Irish apple dessert.

There are many Irish sayings to be shared on this day, but one that seems particularly relevant is, “May your home always be too small to hold all your friends.”