AW Aust Day

Australia Day celebrations at
Alloura Waters

Living Choice Alloura Waters residents certainly know how to throw a party and what better day to celebrate than Australia Day.

Residents all came together in the village to enjoy each other’s company. Lunch on offer was an Aussie sausage sizzle, followed by lamingtons later in the afternoon. With cold beverages flowing throughout the day, it was a welcome treat due to the warm weather the Central Coast has been experiencing.

The local in-house band `The Gunnadoers’ was a welcome addition to the day providing lively music to entertain everyone. When they had a well-deserved break, the much-loved thong throwing competition started.

The perpetual trophy which is inscribed with the winners’ names each year went to Tony in the men’s section and Rose in the ladies’ section.

Another wonderful day in the village and well done to all who helped to make it a success.