Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Talented photographer, Kevin Bunt of Living Choice Broadwater Court, looks through his camera lens often and captures the beauty from local areas close to home.

Kevin loves nothing more than to share his passion for photography and recently held a photographic exhibition in the community centre at Waterfront Estate. He exhibited 24 prints and a large canvas which was well-received by all who visited.

In addition to sharing his works via social media and exhibitions, Kevin has produced 20 photography books. These have been well received with Kevin explaining they can be displayed on an easel and instead of framing, one can have a different photo each day by turning the page.

Kevin’s love of photography started after retiring in 2006.  At first, he said it was just a hobby but after moving into Waterfront Estate in 2010, his love of photography became stronger.

“The colour of the sunsets over the Broadwater was fantastic and my passion grew from there,” said Kevin. “I wanted to further myself in this hobby and decided on one-day courses with Ken Duncan at The Crown Plaza and also in Sydney. He focused on composition as well as how to use the light within the photo. It was a great help to me indeed, as I often go to his Gallery here on the Central Coast for further ideas.

“I love reflections and choose the early mornings and late afternoons to capture the best light for images”.