Big construction milestone ticked off at Flagstaff Hill

The last day of July heralded one of the most exciting milestones at Living Choice Flagstaff Hill. Residents, staff members and golfers playing at Flagstaff Hill Golf Course witnessed the pouring of the first concrete slab for the basement of `The Summit’, home of the future multi-million-dollar golf clubhouse and 21 luxury apartments.

There to capture the action was Sales & Marketing Assistant, Teresa Allen, who took aerial photos and a video using a drone (see video below).

Site Manager, David Broad, said approximately 120 cubic metres of concrete was poured for the basement, which measures around 600sqm. “We have also poured approximately 600 cubic metres of concrete for the footing.”

David said that since the commencement of construction on 14th February, more than 25,000 tons of sandstone had been excavated on the site. “Upon completion of the excavation we started with the footing column pads and the excavation of two lift shafts. Approximately 60 tons of reinforcement has been installed so far,” he said.

“We hope to have the basement floor completed by the end of October, followed by the installation of the precast walls,” he added.

The current construction program includes both The Summit (clubhouse and 21 apartments) and The Fairway (38 apartments). Stage 1, comprising 42 villas and The Range, featuring 17 apartments, are complete with four villas and seven apartments available.

As at 1st August, 82 residents had already made Living Choice Flagstaff Hill their home and are enjoying a busy social calendar, including outings and Friday night dinners at 'The Hut' (temporary clubhouse). A Wellness Centre has also opened onsite and is open to the public.

For more information, phone 1800 502 524 or email sales@livingchoice.com.au