Big milestones achieved at
Living Choice Parkwood

They say a picture paints a thousand words and the latest aerial photos of the Living Choice Parkwood site certainly illustrate – better than any words – the significant progress made in the past few weeks.

A huge plus for future residents is the bus shelter, located right outside the village, as well as the easy access to the village from Napper Road.

The bus station is now in position and the road markings, including turn-in arrows, a pedestrian crossing, bike pathway, road kerbing, island concreting works, traffic and pedestrian lights are all now completed.

Living Choice’s National Construction Manager, Leigh Buckton said the water services were now complete and awaiting council sign-off.

“The sewer connection is scheduled to go in within the next week and tenders are in for the golf hole and rehabilitation works. Electricity conduits have been installed for the new pump room power supply, the lake edging is in and the tender for the piling has been let.

“The application for Building Rules Consent for early works building is also being prepared.”

Apartments in the first two buildings – the Columbus and the Lexington – are selling well. To find out more, contact Angie Hackett or Michael Levick on 1300 421 414.