Birthday 4_edited

Birthday celebrations galore at
Deepwater Court

Birthdays are your special time to celebrate YOU and how wonderful if you get to enjoy two celebrations of your birthday. On Thursday 23rd March, Living Choice Deepwater Court residents whose birthdays were in the months of January, February or March, came together to enjoy good company, lovely treats and celebrate each other’s birthdays.

Central Coast sales consultants Dave Grassby and Alicia Dougherty were also part of the celebrations with their birthdays falling in February and March respectively. Village Manager, Rebecca Roese, said her birthday was in January so she was able to be part of the birthday group too.

One resident, Elaine Gribble, celebrated a very significant birthday, turning 90 in March, and Barbara Coleman celebrated her 97th birthday.

The morning tea was supplied by residents Cherie Johnson, who made a lovely fruit slice, and Elaine Halliday who made the delicious sandwiches. Rebecca made some tasty chocolate cupcakes as well.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their birthdays over the past three months.