Bowls and banter at Dural Country Club

By Robert Whiddon

Dural Country Club Bowls Club held its annual Hills Club’s Living Choice Retirement Villages 3-bowl triples tournament on 20th June. This was the second carnival that Dural Bowls holds each year.

The cloud cover quickly went away, and the day turned into perfect conditions for bowling – 24 degrees - not bad for winter! There were 28 teams of men, women, and mixed competing. The teams came from Dural, Pennant Hills, West Pennant Hills, The Hills club, Denistone, Beecroft, North Epping, Castle Hill and Fire Rescue NSW.

The games consisted of 2 games of 12 ends of 3 bowl triples and they were played in a very friendly manner with lots of good banter going around. Every bowler seemed to enjoy themselves, whether it was the fact that they were playing bowls or just out in the sunshine with a lot of mates, something most of us haven’t been able to do in the last couple of years.

A great lunch was had at LUSSO at Dural Country Club. We must thank Living Choice for sponsoring these carnivals as without sponsorship carnivals wouldn’t happen and Living Choice has been a great sponsor of bowls for a long time now. Special thanks to Carlie Gowenlock for presenting the prizes.